Appointments & Promotions Procedures

Ladder Faculty

  • Assistant Professor (no track designation)
  • Assistant Professor - Clinician-Educator Track
  • Associate Professor - Traditional (with term), Clinician-Scholar, Clinician-Educator, Investigator
  • Associate Professor - Traditional Track with Tenure
  • Professor - Traditional, Clinician-Scholar, Clinician-Educator, and Investigator Tracks

Non-Ladder Faculty

  • Research Ranks - Associate Research Scientist, Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist
  • Adjunct Ranks - Assistant Professor Adjunct, Associate Professor Adjunct, Professor Adjunct
  • Voluntary Clinical Ranks - Clinical Instructor, Assistant Clinical Professor, Associate Clinical Professor, Clinical Professor
  • Other Non-Ladder Ranks - Lecturer, Instructor, Assistant Clinical Professor (Social Work), Clinical Instructor (Social Work)