Appointments & Promotions

The process of receiving an appointment or a promotion at the Yale School of Medicine is lengthy, and the details vary from one department to another. However, there are certain school-wide requirements that apply to everyone.

All faculty appointments and promotions begin within the candidate's department. We recommend that you contact your department for information about its process, requirements and timetable. All appointments and promotions must be approved by one of two Appointments and Promotions Committees, which are composed of the dean or deputy dean of the Yale School of Medicine and senior faculty who represent a wide range of ladder faculty in relationship to department, academic, track, and areas of expertise. The Committees meet from February to June to discuss and vote on faculty proposals submitted by the departments.

Attaining an appointment or a promotion culminates with approval by the Yale Corporation, the governing board and policy-making body of Yale University. New academic titles are not official until they have been approved by the Corporation, so it is in the interest of the candidate as well as the department to provide all documents in a timely manner.