Bicentennial Year

Bicentennial Logo
The School of Medicine celebrated its Bicentennial in 2010–2011 with a series of lectures and special publications, a community fair, and a symposium exploring the biomedical sciences. An illustrated book about the school, “Medicine at Yale: The First 200 Years,” is available from Yale University Press. A documentary film, “Ancient Art, Modern Science: 200 Years of Medicine at Yale” may be viewed on the Yale University YouTube channel.

The Bicentennial has provided an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the past two centuries and the ways in which medicine has changed since 1810. Then, life expectancy in New Haven was less than 40 years, and medical knowledge was derived from concepts that have long since been discounted. During the school’s evolution, a largely unscientific occupation handed down through apprenticeship has become one of the most education intensive, rigorously scientific, and highly regulated professions. As American medicine looks ahead to improving health care, unraveling the mysteries underlying disease, and optimally preparing the doctors of the coming decades, Yale will continue to meet the challenges of a changing medical landscape.

For more on the Bicentennial, visit the medical school's Bicentennial website