Vision Research at Yale

Yale scientists have always been at the forefront of vision research. Throughout the decades, the efforts of Yale researchers have led to many crucial discoveries, including:

  • Observations of Retinal Pigment Epithelium transdifferentiation (1950s)
  • Identification of cyclic GMP as an important photoreceptor messenger (1970s)
  • Preclinical development of Timolol (1970s)
  • Identification of the genes for Macular Degeneration (2005 and 2006)

It remains our mission to carry out groundbreaking research on the development, structure, and function of the visual system and uphold our position as a center of excellence. We take very seriously our obligation to translate these research findings into new treatments that can benefit those suffering from blinding eye diseases.

In addition, we provide a rigorous training environment for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and serve as a center for a wide range of international collaborations.

Adelman, Ron Afshari

Research Interests:Retinal disease and surgery; Macular degeneration; Diabetic retinopathy; Macular holes; Epiretinal membrane; Retinal detachment

Clinical Interests:Vitreo-retinal surgery; macular degeneration; diabetic retinopathy; retinal detachment; macular holes, Mucular puckers (Epiretinal membrane)

  • Appt:(203) 785-2020

Chen, Bo

Research Interests:Retinal degenerative diseases; Retinal neurobiology; Signal transduction pathways; Gene network regulation

    Coca-Prados, Miguel

    Research Interests:Chloride Channels of the ClC Family; Construction of Subtractive Libraries; Gene Expression and Regulation of Neuropeptides and Hormones; Gene Expression and Regulation of TIGR; Regulatory Peptides With Hypertensive And/or Hypotensive Act; Steroid Metabolism and Regulation of Gene Expression of 17bH

      Demb, Jonathan B.

      Research Interests:Neuroscience; Functional circuitry of the retina; Cellular basis of visual adaptation; Neural plasticity; Mechanisms of retinal disease

        Kim, In-Jung

        Research Interests:Neuroscience; Development; Visual system; Neural circuits; Transgenic approaches; Direction selectivity

        • Office:(203) 737-6926
        • Lab:(203) 737-6834

        Zhou, Z. Jimmy

        Research Interests:physiology and development of the mammalian retina under normal and pathological conditions; organization and function of retinal synapses and circuits; mechanisms of retinal diseases

        • Office:(203) 785-2076

        Chow, Jessica H.

        Clinical Interests:No stitch cataract surgery; Presbyopia-correcting intraocular lens implants (ReSTOR, ReZoom, Crystalens); Astigmatism-correcting limbal relaxing incisions; Astigmatism-correcting toric intraocular lens implants; Corneal transplantation; Combined cataract surgery and corneal transplantation; Partial corneal transplantation (lamellar);Endothelial transplantation (DSEK); Limbal stem cell transplantation; Phototherapeutic keratectomy; Superficial keratectomy; Conjunctival autografting; Amniotic membrane grafting; Artificial cornea (keratoprosthesis); Punctal occlusion/cauterization; general ophthalmic problems; routine eye exams.

        • Appt:(203) 785-2020

        Ehrlich, Michael S.

        Research Interests:Innovation of techniques and procedures in oculoplastic, orbital and lacrimal surgery

        Clinical Interests:eyelid surgery: blepharoplasty of excess skin, ptosis repair of drooping eyelid and revisional surgery; forehead and eyebrow lift: reconstructive and cosmetic; orbital surgery and disease: orbitotomy; excess tearing: dacryocystorhinostomy, lacrimal stents; bells palsy: surgery to correct eyelid that won't close; thyroid related eye disease: orbital decompression; eyelid lesions: removal and reconstruction; eyelid cancer: removal and reconstruction; botox, xeomin: blepharospasm, hemi-facial spasm

        • Appt:(203) 785-2020

        Galvin, Jennifer A., MD

        Clinical Interests:pediatric ophthalmology including amblyopia, strabismus, simple and complex motility disorders, hereditary retinal disease and electrophysiology, pediatric cataracts and pediatric glaucoma, adult strabismus disorders.

        • Appt:(203) 785-2020

        Liu, Ji

        Research Interests:Glaucoma; Myopia development

        Clinical Interests:glaucoma, cataract, anterior segment disorders

        • Appt:(203) 785-2020

        Stoessel, Kathleen M

        Research Interests:Retinopathy of prematurity

        Clinical Interests:Evaluation and laser treatment of ROP and other adult and pediatric proliferative retinopathies, sickle cell retinopathy; retinal evaluation in pediatric head trauma; diabetic retinopathy; macular degeneration; retinal dystrophies

        • Office:(203) 785-2020
        • Appt:(203) 785-2020

        Teng, Christopher C.

        Research Interests:Parapapillary atrophy, disc hemorrhages, optic nerve complex

        Clinical Interests:Cataract surgery, Complex anterior segment and cataract surgery, Glaucoma imaging, Glaucoma lasers, Glaucoma surgery, Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery

        • Appt:(203) 785-2020

        Crair, Michael C

        Research Interests:Neural circuit development; Synapse formation; Visual system development; Cortex development

        • Office:(203) 785-5768
        • Lab:(203) 785-6362

        Hoh, Josephine

        Research Interests:Interactions among genes; Environmental exposures

        • Office:(203) 785-2738
        • Lab:(203) 737-6007

        Rizzolo, Lawrence James

        Research Interests:Retinal disease; Tight junctions; Outer blood-retinal barrier; Epithelia; Human embryonic stem cells; Bio/tissue engineering; Medical education

        Clinical Interests:Medical education

        • Office:(203) 785-6277
        • Lab:(203) 785-6987

        Zeiss, Caroline J

        Research Interests:Molecular and cellular pathogenesis of retinal degeneration; Neurobiology of movement disorders; Phenotypes of genetically engineered mice; Evolutionary biology of the eye; Veterinary Pathology; Mouse Phenotyping; Ocular pathology with emphasis on photoreceptor disorders; Neuroanatomy of age-related gait disorders; Signal transduction events during neuronal death; Comparative pathology with emphasis on murine neuroanatomy; Phenotying genetically altered rodents

        • Office:(203) 737-4303

        Zenisek, David

        Research Interests:Physiology and cell biology of the presynaptic terminal; Retinal Bipolar Neuron; Synaptic Terminal; Synaptic Ribbons; Vesicle Transport; Exocytosis; Endocytosis

        • Office:(203) 785-6474