Caroline J Zeiss, PhD, DACVP

Professor of Comparative Medicine and Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science; Director, Mouse Research Pathology Service; Unit Chief, Pathology

Research Interests

Eye; Neurobiology; Ophthalmology; Retina

Research Organizations

Comparative Medicine

Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Research Summary

Our lab focuses of the means by which specialized cells of the retina, photoreceptors, survive or die in a range of blinding disorders. Understanding these mechanisms provides insight into how they could be delayed to preserve sight. We are also interested in evolutionary morphology, particularly of the retina, in a wide range of vertebrate species.

Specialized Terms: Molecular and cellular pathogenesis of retinal degeneration; Neurobiology of movement disorders; Phenotypes of genetically engineered mice; Evolutionary biology of the eye; Veterinary Pathology; Mouse Phenotyping; Ocular pathology with emphasis on photoreceptor disorders; Neuroanatomy of age-related gait disorders; Signal transduction events during neuronal death; Comparative pathology with emphasis on murine neuroanatomy; Phenotying genetically altered rodents

Selected Publications

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Contact Info

Caroline J Zeiss, PhD, DACVP
Mailing Address
Yale University School of Medicine PO Box 208016
New Haven, CT 06520-8016