Juan Servat MD

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Departments & Organizations

Ophthalmology and Visual Science: Eye Center, Yale | Orbital and Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery | Patient Care Faculty

Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery Program


  • M.D., Universidad San Martin de Porres, 2001

Selected Publications

  • Servat JJ, Risco M, Nakasato YR, Bernardino CR. Visual Impairment in the Elderly: Impact on Functional Ability and Quality of Life. Clin Geriatr 2011;19(7):49-56
  • Servat JJ, Bernardino CR. Effect of Common Topical Antiglaucoma Medications on Ocular Surface and Eyelid in the Elderly. Drugs and Aging. 2011; 28(4): 267-282.
  • Servat JJ, Williamson JE, Piepmeier J, Sinard J, Bernardino CR. Giant Myofibroma of the Orbit in an adult Male. Orbit. 2012 Feb;31(1):21-3


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