Flora Levin MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Science

Research Interests

Periocular oncology and trauma; Facial aging

Research Summary

Dr. Levin has numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals. She has presented at national meetings and instructs in courses in her field of expertise.

Selected Publications

  • Levin F, Merriam J, Schubert H, Blume R, Odel JG. 54 year-old man with amaurosis fugax and cotton wool spots. J Neuroophthalmol. 2011 Jun;31(2):153-4.
  • Levin F, Turbin RE, Langer PD. Acellular Human Dermal Matrix as a Skin Substitute for Reconstruction of Large Periocular Cutaneous Defects. Ophthal Plast Reconstr Surg. 2011 Jan-Feb;27(1):44-7.
  • Levin F, Khalil M, Della Rocca D, McCormick S, Maher E, Della Rocca R. Excision of Periocular Basal Cell Carcinoma with Stereoscopic Microdissection of Surgical Margins for Frozen Section Control: Report of 200 Cases. Arch Ophthalmol. 2009 Aug;127(8):1011-5.
  • Recognition of transorbital intracranial injury. Turbin RE, Levin F, Maxwell DN. Clin Ophthalmol. 2007 Mar;1(1):85-9.
  • Levin F, Kazim M, Smith TJ, Marcovici E., Rosiglitazone-induced proptosis. Archives of Ophthalmology 2005 Jan;123(1):119-21

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