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Yale Contact Thermal Stimulator

The thermal cutaneous stimulator provides controlled temperature stimulation of a small region of skin in psychophysical, behavioral and electrophysiological studies of temperature or pain sensation. Temperature stimuli are delivered by means of a Peltier module (thermoelectric heat pump) with a contact area of 3, 6 or 9 mm square. A thermocouple attached to the base of the Peltier device provides feedback to electronic circuitry that maintains the desired stimulus temperature to within 0.1 of a degree C at the thermode-skin interface. Increments or decrements of trapezoidal waveform can be delivered from a desired base temperature with ramp rates of up to 19 degrees C or can be held at a preset temperature and time duration. Control over the stimulus temperature and duration can be local or under control of a computer. The range of stimulus temperatures is 30 to 60 degree C although colder temperatures can be controlled if circulating fluid is used to remove the heat.

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