Dr. Anneli von Reinhart


Providence, RI

Undergraduate Institution:


Medical School:

Mount Sinai


Awesomeness.  It is both an interest and a hobby.

Academic Interest:

Medical Education, Sim

Favorite activities in New Haven:

Running in East Rock, beer tasting at Prime 16, gorging myself on all the fabulous food (so much good pizza, bibimbop, and Thai), visiting the dinosaurs at the Peabody

Why Yale’s Emergency Medicine Program:

I was drawn to the strong academic, intellectual program which is supported by great hospital and University resources and outstanding faculty in ultrasound, sim, toxicology, and critical care (to name a few).  We treat a large, diverse patient population who present with a lot of interesting pathology - and it's ours all ours because we're the only game in town!  The city itself was a draw for me: New Haven is small and quirky and it has a lot to offer; I dig living here.  I'm proud to count myself among the ranks of the smart, intriguing people who make up the Yale EM program - a rad crew made even awesomer by the addition of the incomparable class of 2016!

Random factoid:

That's a picture of me atop the Clywddian hills in Wales.  It was hella windy.