Global Health

Global health opportunities abound in the Yale EM residency program. Indeed, many of our residents chose Yale EM because of our commitment to advancing healthcare worldwide.

Yale emergency medicine’s national and international reputation for preparing future leaders in global health is evidenced by our graduates, with 13 graduates in the last 10 years completing international EM fellowships and 3 currently serving as IEM fellowship directors nationally.

Other graduates have gone on to work with the World Health Organization, multinational non-governmental organizations and humanitarian agencies all around the world.

Yale emergency medicine residents have the opportunity to perform electives in underserved areas, both domestic and foreign. As part of our commitment to resident education, Yale offers several funding options for those with a desire to explore global health.

Yale has partnered with Johnson and Johnson to create the Johnson & Johnson Physician Scholars in International Health Program. This program annually sends physicians-in-training from emergency medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics, on four- to eight-week rotations at overseas sites. On average, Yale EM sends 5-6 residents per year for international rotations. To date, every Yale EM resident that has applied to be part of the scholars program has been able to participate and previous international health experience is not a criterion for participation in the program. Rotations are largely directed at clinical experience, service and teaching. Based upon site assignment, Johnson & Johnson Physician Scholars will receive an award of $1,500-4,000 via reimbursement to cover travel and living expenses during the rotation. All scholars are required to participate in program evaluation upon the completion of the rotation.

Yale is the founding member of Health Education and Relief Through Teaching (HEARTT). This is now a multi-institution organization whose goal is to educate and assist local health care providers in the development and improvement of a healthcare system and infrastructure in Liberia.

Yale EM residents have worked in Armenia, Cameroon, Columbia, Eritrea, Fiji, Ghana, the Republic of Georgia, Honduras, Liberia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Rwanda, Switzerland, the UAE, Uganda and Zambia. At Yale, the commitment to global health, funding options and ample elective time combine to create the perfect environment for education and exploration in global health both for those interested in experiencing health care in a different setting as well as those who will make global health their career. The opportunities are limitless. There are also opportunities to serve in underserved areas of the United States, primarily with the Indian Health Service. Residents have provided care to remote locations in Anchorage, Alaska; Chinie, Arizona; and Zuni, New Mexico.