Second Year

In the second year, emphasis is placed on critical care emergency medicine, trauma management and pediatric emergency medicine, as well as the refinement of general emergency medicine skills.  Pediatric experience is obtained through rotations in the pediatric intensive care unit and the pediatric emergency department. In addition to the pediatric intensive care unit, critical care training is continued in the surgical intensive care unit, the coronary care unit, and the critical care areas of the emergency department.  The second year resident assumes a supervisory role in the coronary care unit, guiding the care provided by first year residents. Second-year residents direct trauma resuscitations of modified (second tier) trauma responses.  Four weeks of toxicology training is provided at the New York City Poison Control Center.  This center offers a wealth of exposure to a wide range of toxicologic emergencies. An in-depth experience in emergency medical services is provided, which includes an optional flight medicine rotation.

Year 2

Yale Emergency Medicine

18 weeks

Bridgeport Emergency Medicine* (Adult and Pediatric)

8 weeks

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

8 weeks

EMS/Flight Medicine

Integrated in YED

Cardiac ICU

2 weeks

Surgical ICU

4 weeks

Toxicology (NYC Poison Control)

4 weeks

Trauma/General Surgery

4 weeks


4 weeks

* denotes rotation at Bridgeport Hospital.