Fourth Year

The final year is spent primarily learning the role of ED supervisor and teacher, as well as learning to lead the trauma team caring for critically ill trauma patients. During blocks of adult emergency medicine, the resident functions as a supervisor in the emergency department and is expected to oversee the care of all the patients in their section of the ED. The senior resident receives case presentations from junior residents and oversees all interventions, procedures and dispositions. Concurrently, the resident is expected to provide education to the junior residents about the pathology that is seen. Emphasis is placed on the coordination of care, direction of trauma and medical resuscitations, and emergency department management. The fourth-year resident is responsible for directing all full (first tier) trauma responses during the day as well as overseeing junior residents who direct modified trauma responses during the day and night.  Pediatric ED shifts are integrated throughout the year for continued exposure to pediatric emergency medicine. Four weeks of the senior year are spent learning emergency department administration, which includes day-to-day operations, quality improvement, and joint work groups.  The administrative block includes teaching all junior residents and students during morning conference, as well as a significant involvement in simulation medicine for medical students and residents.  So that each resident may pursue research or other areas of interest, eight to twelve weeks of elective study time is allotted. Eight of these weeks can be spent outside of Yale.

Year 4
Yale Emergency Medicine (Adult and Pediatric)24-28 weeks
Bridgeport Emergency Medicine* (Adult and Pediatric)8 weeks
Administrative Emergency Medicine4 weeks
Electives/Research8-12 weeks
4 weeks

* denotes rotation at Bridgeport Hospital.