Dr. Christina Baloescu

Hometown: Bucharest, Romania

Medical School: Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth 

Hobbies/Interests: Jewelry making, reading fiction, cooking desserts, traveling (especially visiting new cities)and a rather late addition, hiking and the outdoors. I also enjoying dancing and learning foreign languages (or trying not to forget how to speak them). 

Past Life: I was born and raised in the capital city of Bucharest, Romania. At the age of 18, I decided I wanted to see the world and to study abroad. That is when I moved to the United States and started college in GA. I went straight from college to medical school, but my adventure at Wesleyan included a medical trip to Nicaragua, and a summer studying malaria in Heidelberg Germany.

Academic Interests: 

Ultrasound, International EM, but still exploring

Favorite Activities in New Haven:

Sitting on the grass in front of the undergraduate library,walking through East Rock park, exploring all the restaurants in New Haven (there is excellent food here), food carts outside Yale New Haven Hospital, enjoying the seaside view in the summer.

Why Yale’s Emergency Medicine Program:

I did a 4th year rotation in the Yale Emergency Department, and loved the people and environment here. The attendings are great teachers
and role-models and the residents are friendly and knowledgeable, and there is a lot of diversity in terms of the academic environment. No
other place felt quite like the place for me during my interviews.

Random factoid:

I spent the last rotation of medical school on a 3 week wilderness medicine elective in Utah, where I camped for 3 full weeks in different

climates/terrains, without having any camping experience prior to this. I survived, evidently, and loved it. Also, I love bowling.