Dr. Steve Van Ooteghem


Tampa, Fl

Undergraduate Institution:

Ball State University

College, Medical School, other Schools (include degrees earned):

In addition to a BA from Ball State University, I have an MSW from the University of Washington, a post-bac from City College and my M.D. is from Mount Sinai in New York City.


Improv Comedy, plunking around on the guitar and banjo, exercise (running and also kettlebells), reading

Past life:

Prior to medical school I was a clinical social worker – I worked in a therapeutic capacity with adults and children with mental health issues

Academic Interest:

Public Health

Favorite activities in New Haven:

There are some great restaurants and night spots in New Haven. Also, I enjoy running on some of the trails in and around New Haven.

Why Yale’s Emergency Medicine Program:

The other residents and faculty are incredibly cool and inspiring people, the ultrasound program is top notch, the patient exposure (in terms of quantity and acuity) is AMAZING, and the environment here is extremely conducive to pursuing whatever excites you about EM.

Random factoid: 

I lived in Korea for a year teaching English