Dr. Dan Savage


Piedmont, CA

Undergraduate Institution:

Amherst College

Medical School:



Cycling, cooking, swimming, and going on adventures with my fiancee, Lissa

Past life:

Lifeguard and chemist, but not at the same time

Academic Interest:

Quality improvement, health outcomes, the role of back squats in emergency medicine, and data quality

Favorite activities in New Haven:

Checking out all the restaurants and bars with my co-interns and residents, and getting lost trying to find the Farmington Canal Trail.

Why Yale’s Emergency Medicine Program:

Trauma is great and we get more than enough of it, but the patients that scare me the most are the really sick medical ones.  Yale's emphasis on critical care, including having mulit-boarded ED attendings working in the various ICUs and the ED, addresses this concern in a way that other programs did not.  Also having all the academic/research opportunities and support one could ask for while working with a diverse and underserved patient population is just the combination I was looking for.  Add truly outstanding faculty and super chill residents to all of this, and one has a program uniquely positioned to expose its trainees to the breadth of EM while offering access to all of its niche opportunities.

Random factoid:

I had one half of my right eardrum replaced in college.