Dr. Warren Perry

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Hometown:  Raleigh, NC

Undergraduate Institution:North Carolina State University

College, Medical School, other Schools (include degrees earned): Yale School of Medicine, MD

Hobbies/Interest: Basketball, listening to music, exercising, relaxing with a glass of wine, traveling, taking pictures and watching TV (VH1, MTV, Bravo, ESPN, CNN, Comedy Central and the Cartoon Network)

Past life: I used to be an EMT-Basic with ambitions to become a paramedic in the future.  However, my dreams were cut short because I kept getting motion sickness in the back of the ambulance.  It is never good when the patient is holding a vomit bucket for “you”.

Academic Interest: Administration, Sports Medicine, and Ultrasound

Favorite activities in New Haven:  Eating out while being a social butterfly

Why Yale’s Emergency Medicine Program: I chose Yale because the academic and clinical environment impressed me as a medical student.  I knew the top notch facilities, patient population, diverse cases and great teaching would prepare me for a career in emergency medicine.

Random factoid: My random factoid is that I hate being asked, “What is a random fact about you?”  I would much rather tell you about all my attractive character traits.