Dr. Erik Fisher

Hometown: Yarmouth, Maine

Undergraduate Institution: Cornell University

Medical School:  Weill Cornell Medical College

Hobbies/interests:  skiing, sailing, cooking, and baking

Past Life:  Before college I worked as a ski instructor at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine during the winter and a sailing instructor in Freeport, Maine during the summers.

Academic Interest:  I am interested in both critical care in the Emergency Department and the use of bedside ultrasound.

Favorite Activities in New Haven:  Love going to the farmers market in Wooster Square. I also attended this year's New Haven open and saw some great tennis matches.  With all the resources of Yale University at our disposal, there are numerous opportunities to explore including the art museum, natural history museum, concerts, recitals, and plays.

Why Yale's Emergency Medicine Program?:  Yale offered incredible opportunities in both ultrasound and critical care.  We have more critical care time as residents than most other programs in the country and our Ultrasound section is huge with a number of faculty and currently three fellows.  Another important aspect of Yale is that we are the only major hospital in the area so most serious illnesses and injuries come to us.  Yale is both the community medical center for greater New Haven as well as a major referral center with patients coming from all over the country.

Random Factoid:  I love Star Trek (I'm even admitting it on the Internet)