Lori Ann Post, PhD

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine; Faculty Affiliate - Yale Center for Medical Informatics; Research Scientist - Veteran's Administration; Chief - Section of Research; Faculty Affiliate - Climate Change and Health Initiative; Faculty Affiliate - Yale Center for Climate Change

Research Interests

Elder Abuse; Emergency Medicine; Gender Identity; Medicare; Health Policy; Medical Informatics; Veterans; Violence; Models, Statistical; Telemedicine; Domestic Violence; Risk Assessment

Public Health Interests

Health Policy; Health risk behaviors; Medicare/Medicaid; Modeling; Risk assessment; Risky Behaviors; Social determinants of health; Social inequalities; Social networks; Statistical models; Telemedicine

Research Organizations

Medical Informatics, Yale Center for

Global Health Initiative

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

Dr. Post's area of research expertise is in the nexus of violence/injury prevention and health information technology that is culturally sensitive and exhibits high health literacy. To this end, she has been the principal investigator on several federal, state, and foundation grants. Her most recent work is funded by USAID looking at the relationship between gender based violence and food insecurity. There is an ever increasing population of widows in low income countries that suffer disproportionately from poverty and food insecurity.

Specialized Terms: Elder Abuse; Gender-Based Violence; Demography; Domestic Violence; Evaluation; Injury; Methodology; Prevention; Program Evaluation; Research Design; Violence; Violence Against Women; Health Information Technology; Informatics

Extensive Research Description

ED Disability Diagnostic for Geriatric Patients

Use of smart phones as a means for homeless persons to communicate with healthcare providers

Tool: an HIT Feasibility Study

Consortium for Health Informatics

Health Information Technology to

Prevent Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

Selected Publications

  • Abujarad F, Swierenga SJ, Dennis T, Post LA, The Economics of Social Protection: A Stakeholder-Centered Policy Analysis of Fingerprint-Based Background Checks for Personal Care Workers Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (In Press).
  • Post LA, Dziura JD, Biroscak BJ Brandt CA, Conner TL, Cooney LG, Jagminas L,. Development and Validation of the Emergency Department Geriatric Readmission Assessment at Yale (ED GRAY): Part 2, Diagnostic Accuracy British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research 14(1): 1-8, 2016, Article no.BJMMR.23877, ISSN: 2231-0614, NLM ID: 101570965
  • Post LA, Dziura JD, Brandt CA, Development and Validation of the Emergency Department Geriatric Readmission Assessment at Yale (ED GRAY): Part 1, Fundamental Measurement Post LA, Dziura J, Brandt L, Conner TL, Page C, Brandt C, Cooney LG, Biroscak BJ (JIMR) Ms. Ref. No.: # 2015-691
  • Abujarad F, Swierenga SJ, Dennis TA Post LA. (2015). The Impact of Usability on Patient Safety in Long-Term Care. In Nah & Tan (Eds.), HCI in Business, HCIB 2015, LNCS 9191, pp. 221-231. Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.
  • Anaïs Tuepker, Susan L Zickmund, Cara E Nicolajski, Bridget Hahm, Jorie Butler, Charlene Weir, Post LA, David H Hickam. Providers' Note-Writing Practices for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder at Five United States Veterans Affairs Facilities. The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research 08/2015; DOI:10.1007/s11414-015-9472-9.
  • Kaplowitz S, Perlstadt H, Dziura JD, Post LA. Environmental and Behavioral Explanations of Elevated Blood Lead Levels In Immigrant Children and Children of Immigrants (American Journal of Epidemiology) In Press
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  • Melnick ER, Lopez K, Abujarad F, Brandt CA, Shiffman RN, Post LA. Back to the bedside: Protocol for developing a bedside aid for concussion & brain injury decisions in the emergency department. eGEMs (Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes). In Press
  • Schiamberg LB, Von Heydrich L, Chee G, Post LA. Individual and contextual determinants of resident-on-resident abuse in nursing homes: A random sample telephone survey of adults with an older family member in a nursing home. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, (In Press). Ms. Ref. No.: AGG-D-14-00237R1
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Curriculum Vitae

Homelessness and Communication with Healthcare Providers

Persons experiencing homelessness presenting to emergency departments have high use of mobile phones. Smart phone ownership and use suggest it may be the best method to stay connected to their healthcare provider.