Ted Melnick MD, FACEP

Clinical Instructor in Emergency Medicine and Residential College Associate Fellow in Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Departments & Organizations

Emergency Medicine

Research Interests

clinical practice guideline implementation; clinical decision support; clinical informatics; health services research more...


  • B.A., Williams College, 1999
  • M.D., Georgetown University School of Medicine, 2004
  • M.H.S., Yale University School of Medicine, 2014

Selected Publications

  • Melnick ER, Szlezak CM, Bentley SK, Dziura JD, Kotlyar S, Post LA. Overuse of CT for mild traumatic brain injury. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. 2012;38:483-489.
  • Kaplowitz SA, Perlstadt H, D’Onofrio G, Melnick ER, Baum C, Kirrane BM, Post LA. The predictive value of self-report questions in a clinical decision rule for pediatric lead poisoning screening. Public Health Reports. 2012;127:375-382.
  • Melnick ER, Nielson JA, Finnell JT, Bullard MJ, Cantrill SV, Cochrane DG, Halamka JD, Handler JA, Holroyd BR, Kamens D, Kho A, McClay J, Shapiro JS, Teich J, Wears RL, Patel SJ, Ward MF, Richardson LD. Delphi consensus on the feasibility of translating the ACEP clinical policies into computerized clinical decision support. Ann Emerg Med. 2010 Oct;56(4):317-20.



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