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Barbara is a wonderful team player. She is uber organized and always willing to go above and beyond to help a fellow employee, student or faculty. She has been instrumental in making this year's Transition run smoothly. She was completely on top of everything and one step ahead of me at all times! Thank you!!
EDUCATE Value: Collaborate
Susan Larkin collapse
Tracy Yale; Susan Gudin; Susan Sansone; Yashika Williams; Lisa Kleintjes Kamemoto; Lorraine Roseman
In honor of all the hard work performed, and tireless efforts of my fellow committee members in their rolls as representatives of the Workplace Survey Committee, I would like to offer High 5's to all of them. Their actions develop collaboration and communication in the workplace and allow appreciation and recognition to be shown for all we do as members of this "Special" community called Medical Education.
Educate Values: Develop, Collaborate, Appreciate, Thank
Mae Geter
Dr. Belitsky has shown the Workplace Survey Committee continuous support and challenged us to think creatively with our program initiatives. Without his support, our work for the department would not even take place. He understands the challenges before us, but always provides positive feedback - and appreciates the committee's activities.
Educate Values: Empower, Develop, Understand, Appreciate
The Workplace Survey Committee
Gary is simply amazing. He is always willing to help, never too busy (although he is crazy busy), always quick with humor and a smile. Gary is a techno-wonder and when he doesn't know something, he is humble but finds out and solves the problem - he makes your problem his, until he finds the answer. Gary is an all round truly nice guy. He is a joy to work with and I am so very grateful to know him.
Educate Values: Understand, Collaborate, Empathize
Dorothy Meyer
Barbara is an amazing person! She is highly organized, a true self-starter, who had a great understanding of what needs to be done and has great ideas and motivation to develop our programs. She has excellent communication skills and is always patient and upbeat. She is truly a linchpin in our work.
EDUCATE Values: Develop, Understand, Communicate
Auguste Fortin
A High 5 to Dorothy Meyer who makes sure to include those of us in the Alumni & Development (satellite) office in communications and general meetings about medical education that might be of interest to our alumni and external constituencies. Her "radar" to include us in information sharing helps bridge the physical divide between our locations and really helps us keep in touch with what's happening on campus! THANK YOU!
EDUCATE Values: Understand, Collaborate, Communicate
Debby Jagielow
Lisa Egan is the epitome of collaborate. Every time I need someone to look at my writing, run ideas by, or seek creative advice on graphic designs, Lisa always finds the time to help me with my work, even when she is trying to finish her own. She has never said "I'm too busy" and always shows eagerness to jump in and collaborate on any project.
EDUCATE Value: Collaborate
Tracy Yale
The Yale PA Program would like to acknowledge Barbara Frank for exemplifying the Educate Value of Collaborate and Communicate. Barbara has over extended herself to assist the PA Program Faculty, Staff and Students in collaborating efforts and effectively communicating with our students to positively impact their educational experience. Barbara is truly appreciated for her work by PA Program students and faculty.
EDUCATE Values: Collaborate and Communicate
The PA Program
The White Coat Ceremony was spectacular due to your collaboration, communication and appreciation for staff and students. Kudos! The team coordinated the day from beginning to end under the leadership of Lisa KK; including the “dress rehearsal” the day before. They made sure everything and everyone was in place at the appointed time. Families were made to feel welcomed and students truly enjoyed the event.
Educate Values: Collaborate, Communicate, Appreciate
Jacqui Comshaw
Bonnie is a ray of sunshine, always thinking of others and always willing to lend a helping hand. Her humility and warm heart is a blessing to both the Program staff and students. Bonnie exemplifies two Values, Appreciate and Thank.  Bonnie is known for making our staff members and students feel their contribution is important, as well as offering praise when others have worked hard to promote our collective goals.  In turn, I would like to show her the same honor and recognize her in this forum.
EDUCATE Values: Appreciate and Thank
Dannika Byrd
We want to give Mae a High-5 for always creating a "wee bit" of celebration in our offices!  She shows Understanding by getting to know the people she works with.  She is the definition of Empathize -  showing her care and concern for people, sharing in the joys of others, showing compassion, available and ready to help and lend an open ear. We are so thankful to be working with such a terrific, fun & a"MAE"zing person.
EDUCATE Values: Understand and Empathize
Lisa Egan, John Genest, Kathy Castellon, Barbara Frank
We'd like to give a big THANK YOU to Auguste Fortin for taking the time to Collaborate with our committee and staff by facilitating the "Silos are for Farms" talk and helping us Develop better working relationship skills.
EDUCATE Values: Develop and Collaborate
The Workplace Survey Committee