Academic Year 2014 - 2015

Curriculum Implementation

The learning objectives, content, teaching and assessment methods, and sequencing for the Integrated Courses, (Master Courses, Longitudinal Courses, and Threads) and will be completed by December 2014. Scheduling of activities will begin in January 2015 in preparation for implementation in August 2015.

An initial pilot of  the Longitudinal Clinical Experience (LCE) was conducted from January through March 2014. The goal of this pilot was to determine the feasibility of beginning medical, nursing and physician associate students  working together in a series of activities focused on enhancing team  building and  skill building in the context of joint patient care.  The results of this initial pilot are now being studied and will inform the development of a full pilot to be implemented during the 2014-2015 academic year.  Students entering Yale School of Medicine in 2014 will have the opportunity to participate in the LCE pilot as part of their first year curriculum.

Clerkship Directors, along with other faculty and students, are currently creating clerkships in the design of the new model.  This includes designing the learning objectives, clinical experiences, didactics, assessment methods and selectives for each of the four combined discipline 12-week blocks. Faculty will work together to integrate curricular content across the disciplines and develop opportunities for greater continuity with patients, teams and mentorship. Implementation of the new clerkship model is planned for June 2015 when the class of 2017 begin their required clerkship year.

A new elective, Frontiers in Medicine, is being introduced in 2014-2015. This is an elective for students who have completed their clerkships. Frontiers in Medicine is designed to revisit the foundation of disease pathogenesis to show how discoveries in basic science are informing contemporary clinical medicine and how the synergy between the bench and bedside are guiding the research that will yield improved diagnostics and therapeutics in the future.