Integrated Course Curricululm

Basic and clinical science content is organized and integrated across eight sequential theme-based Master Courses and three Longitudinal Courses, with content threads which are organized...

LCE mini pilot image

Longitudinal Clinical Experience (Pilot)

The Longitudinal Clinical Experience is designed to give students in-depth experiences with patients as part of an interprofessional team.


Integrated Clinical Clerkships

A remodeled clerkship year begins earlier in the curriculum; includes integration across disciplines; provides opportunities for greater continuity for patients, teams and mentorship; and...


Advanced Training Period

The final months of medical school offer substantial flexibility for students to clarify their career choices, gain additional clinical experience through electives and sub-internships,...

mdphd program

MD/PhD Connections

The new curriculum and MD/PhD students


Advances in Teaching Technology

Yale School of Medicine is committed to exploring and using innovative teaching technologies to enhance learning and to meet the evolving needs of students.