Secondary Faculty Advisors

The Yale faculty members listed below all have expertise in the methodology of clinical studies, clinical epidemiology and biostatistics. These faculty members have agreed to work with a maximum of two students per year as a secondary thesis advisor. A secondary faculty advisor should become involved on the student's thesis at an early date (preferably in the first few weeks of the project and before any data is collected). The advisors have agreed to meet with students for four sessions at the beginning of the thesis project and an additional four sessions after the data has been gathered. The initial meeting should be attended by both the medical student, the primary thesis advisor and the secondary faculty advisor. The focus will be on developing excellent methodology. Please see the Directory of Faculty Research Interests for more detailed information on the faculty advisors specific areas of interest.

Name, Department (Telephone)

John Concato, Internal Medicine (7-1674)
John Hughes, VA-Internal Med (937-4918)
David Katz, EPH (732-7328)
Walter Kernan, Internal Med (8-2984)
Tom Kosten, VA-Psychiatry (937-7438)
John Leventhal, Pediatrics (8-2468)
Patrick G. O'Connor, Internal Med (8-6532)
Eugene Shapiro, Pediatrics (8-4518)
Richard Schottenfeld, Psychiatry (974-7349)
Mary Tinetti, Geriatrics (8-5238)