Research Presentations & Travel Information

In addition to presenting at Student Research Day (see application below ), students are encouraged to present research work at scientific meetings.  As such, a limited amount of funds are available via the Office of Student Research to assist students in travel-related expenses.

It has been the policy of the Medical School to fund half the cost of travel to a major scientific meeting. We expect the Yale department where the research was done to pay for the other half. For students who wish to apply for support for this travel from the Office of Student Research, please following the directions below:

  • Students must apply for travel money at least thirty days before the trip (see application at below).
  • We expect students to plan ahead to get the best airfare.
  • We will pay for hotel expenses for a maximum of three days, but expect that students will try to find an economical place to stay.
  • Meals covered by conference fees or airline ticket fees are not to be additionally reimbursed.
  • If you need transportation in the city, we would like you to take public transportation if at all possible, rather than costly taxis.

This policy is not intended to deter students from traveling to scientific meetings but rather to allow more students the opportunity to travel.

  • Student Research Day Poster Session Application Form (PDF, Word)*
  • Student Medical Student Travel Application Form (PDF, Word)*

* To complete the application form electronically, download the PDF file on the left and open it using Adobe Acrobat. Further instructions are available within the document itself

Alternatively, download and print the application document using Acrobat Reader for PDF files or Microsoft Word for DOC files (Windows only) Fill out the printed application using a type-writer, word processor, or by printing neatly.