Statistical Analysis of Research Data

When the results of an investigation lend themselves to statistical analysis, the student should be encouraged to seek the aid of a biometrist for assistance in statistical methodology. It is hoped that this will enable the student to learn the value and limitations of statistical analysis as an aid to interpreting the results of an investigation. See the list of Secondary Thesis Advisors for clinical epidemiology methods.

Computer Facilities for Statistical Analysis

Yale's Prevention Research Center (PRC), located off-campus in Derby, is a resource to students needing assistance with data management and/or statistical analysis, survey development and validation, as well as refinement of clinical study methodology. The PRC data management staff will work with students to perform statistical analysis using a variety of software packages. Referrals can be provided as needed to additional resources available through the computer labs at the Yale Schools of Public Health, and Management.

Contact the PRC at 203-732-1265, or Dr. Valentine Njike, data manager, at