IPE Rotation Schedule and Assignments

Rotation A includes: Physiological studies of chloride transport in an intact epithelial organ: In vitro cannulation and perfusion of shark salt gland, measurements of hormone activation of NaCl secretion.

Rotation B includes: Ion channel gene expression in a heterologous expression system (Xenopus ocytes). Isolation of oocytes, cRNA preparation, oocyte injection, record channel function (CFTR and EnaC).

Rotation C includes: Studies in isolated tubule preparations, including immunocytochemistry of phosphoryated vs non-phosphorylated co-transporters: tissue processing, confocal microscopy, Western blots, antibody design.

Rotation D includes: Cell and molecular biologic methods for study of transporters involved in acid-base disorders and nephrolithiasis: preparation of RNA, cDNA, quantitative PCR, protein electrophoresis and immunoblotting, surface protein biotinylation.