Goals of IPE


TO: Yale Medical Students, Class of 2014

FROM: Robert J. Alpern, M.D., Dean

RE: Intensive Pedagogical Experience Course

On behalf of the School of Medicine it is a pleasure to welcome you to this elective course, now into its twelfth year, an Intensive Pedagogical Laboratory Research Experience,  organized by Drs. Forrest, Aronson, Forbush and Frizzell at the MDI Biological Laboratory.

I feel strongly that every physician graduate at Yale should have first-hand, in-depth understanding of contemporary experimental approaches to solving important questions in biomedical research.

A complete intensive immersion in the strategies and methods of laboratory research is the most direct way to begin this experience. A one-week intensive course, energized, focused and effective, is a first step towards the in-depth training required to carry out biomedical research in today’s environment.

We hope that this immersion course will stimulate your curiosity and encourage you to receive further biomedical research training, perhaps through a one-year funded student research fellowship, and will motivate you towards the noble and rewarding goals of a physician scientist.