Student Research Day- Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Student Research Day is a major event at the Yale School of Medicine because of the M.D. thesis which has been a requirement for graduation from Yale Medical School for over 160 years. All classes and conferences in all departments are cancelled for the afternoon.

Sect Ed 109: Student Research, Study Design, and Thesis Information - Research for 1st Year Medical Students

This course has two overarching goals. The first is to instill in students an understanding of the value of the Yale student research program and thesis and to provide a primer for success in the thesis. The second area of emphasis is to provide students with the basics in designing laboratory and clinical studies, including the use of power calculations, proper control groups, practical biostatistical measurements and their applications for research, and methods for efficient searching of the literature and online databases.

Sect Ed 103 & Ed 104: Applied Principles of Clinical Research

Several years ago, at the recommendation of students, Yale Medical School established a new requirement for all students carrying out thesis work in clinical research areas, including those graduating in four years, which is participation in the Applied Principles of Clinical Research Tutoring Sessions in July and August each summer. The NIH now also requires these sessions.

Leadership in Biomedicine Lecture Series

Yale students become scholars by engaging in an original research project and writing a thesis. How students are inspired to be become leaders, however, is less well-defined. One way is for students to hear the unique life stories of our distinguished faculty.

Sect Ed 102: Organization and Leadership

This course is an introduction to topics in the field of organizational behavior. It is designed to offer participants an opportunity to explore a variety of concepts that relate to the effective and humane management of organizations.