Peer Advocate Program

A group of peer advocates chosen by the student body is available to help students with issues related to mistreatment, abuse, harassment or to discuss any concerns.

There are 10 peer advocates, two from each of the second-, third-, fourth- and fifth-year classes, and one each from the M.D./Ph.D. and Physician Associate programs. Their names and beeper numbers are given out to all students early in the school year.

Peer advocates are trained by the director of Mental Health Services of the Yale Health Plan. While they aren’t mental health counselors themselves, peer advocates are taught how to get help to a student who needs mental health services. Actions recommended by an advocate can range from discussing the problem informally to taking it to the department chair or to the dean of the medical school.

Confidentiality is assured to the extent covered by law.

For more information, see the peer advocates page on medStation.