Yale-New Haven Hospital Identification Badges

Yale Medical Students

Medical students embarking on their clinical rotations are issued Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH) ID badges. The badge allows access to areas of the hospital in order for the student to effectively carry out the duties expected of a clinical clerk. The badge includes the student’s photo, name, designation as Yale Medical Student and the date of expiration. 

At the start of clinical rotations, a list of eligible students is sent by the registrar to the YNHH ID Center so that students on that list may report to the ID Center (20 York St., East Pavilion, 1st floor, Room 11A. 203 688-6094) with their University ID card and driver’s license. Students not on the approved list or without proper Identification will not be able to get a YNHH Badge. The badges are the property of YNHH and must be returned to the ID Center by the student prior to graduation. The first ID badge is free; the replacement cost is $10. Worn out or defective badges are replaced free of charge. 

The YNHH ID badge allows entry to common, basic access points for the students’ two clinical years (clerkships and electives). For students doing more than two years of clinical rotations, such as MD/PhD students, badges may be activated for a longer period.

For specific clerkships that wish to extend access to additional areas of the hospital not covered by the basic access, the ID badges can be programmed in a time limited way by having the clerkship director submit a request to the clinical unit to be reviewed and accepted or rejected by each unit. Those access requests that are approved may be submitted to the ID office so that the students’ badges can be appropriately coded. For example, the following clerkships request additional access for the students on their rotations:

    1. OB/GYN: During the 6 weeks of OB/GYN, the 6 students assigned to OB/GYN are given access to Labor and Birth (WP4), Postpartum (WP10 and WP11), Gyn Onc (NP14), and the Women's Center (Tompkins).  Access begins on the first day and ends on the last day of the 6-week rotation. Access to students on the OB/GYN rotation is NOT extended to the locked well baby nurseries on WP10 and WP11, nor to NBSCU.  

    2. Emergency Medicine: EM students need access to the ED. This is particularly necessary from the main hospital (south pavilion) to the ED.

    3. Internal Medicine: Some students need access to the CCU and MICU (EP 5-1), NP 9 and 10.

    4. Psychiatry: Students need additional access to the YNHH Consult Service suite and the Yale Psychiatry Hospital including units and elevators.

Visiting Medical Students

Visiting medical students admitted to elective clinical rotations receive their hospital IDs during orientation at the Medical School. These IDs which do not include the student’s photo, allow the same basic access as for Yale medical students. The visiting students’ IDs are activated only for the limited period of time they are assigned to a clinical rotation in the hospital and are deactivated on completion of the rotation.