Timeliness of Evaluations: Courses, Clerkships, Electives and Sub-Internships

1.  Final course/clerkship/elective/sub-internship evaluations of students are expected to be completed within 30 days after the course/clerkship/elective/sub-internship ends.

2.  If not completed in this time frame, the Office of Education will send a reminder email to the Course/Clerkship/Elective/Sub-Internship Director at the 30-day deadline, with a copy to the Director of Courses, Clerkships or Electives as appropriate.

3.  If still not completed within the following 7 (seven) days, the Office of Education will notify the Chair of the Department and ask that immediate action be taken.  This is to ensure that no evaluation is delayed beyond 42 days from the end of the course/clerkship/elective/sub-internship.