Policy on Access to Students as Research Subjects

Due to the increasing number of research projects utilizing medical students as subjects, a committee has been established to review and approve these requests for student participation. The purpose of this review is to ensure that appropriate institutional review (IRB) has been obtained and that issues of power are addressed. Power issues may arise when the investigator requesting student participation may be in an evaluative role in relationship to the student(s) such as a clerkship director.  The members of the Committee to Review Access to Students as Research Subjects are the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, the Associate Dean for Curriculum, the Assistant Dean for Educational Scholarship and a student representative. 

Research proposals should be emailed to all members of the committee and a response will be sent in two weeks time excluding holidays. Use of class time for surveys or other types of research participation will not be approved except in exceptional circumstances. Curricular assessment projects do not fall under the purview of this committee.

Following are the materials required for review:

1. A written description of the research proposal.
2. A copy of IRB approval or statement of exemption determination from the IRB.
3. An explanation of how issues of power dynamics that exert undue influence on a student’s participation will be handled.
4. A copy of the invitation to the students to participate as well as advertisements, postings, etc.