Career Development

Deciding on a career path in medicine is a process that can span the entire time you are in medical school and is all about self-discovery, connecting with good mentors, exploring your options and making a decision.

The Office of Student Affairs is strongly committed to assisting you find the right career. We are here to help every step of the way, from finding mentors, choosing electives, deciding on a specialty, to applying for residencies, and more.

Career Planning should include the following steps:

Getting to Know Yourself

Before you can begin to decide about a specialty to pursue, you must understand yourself.  The AAMC Careers in Medicine Program aids students in understanding their personality types, skills, interests and values.  The program is designed to assist students in a logical process of self-assessment and career planning.  Visit the Careers in Medicine Website, and use your AAMC login to access the resources.

Getting to Know Mentors

Program Directors in each specialty can be a wealth of information for students.  Program Directors can provide information to applicants and assist students in finding mentors within their departments.  

Department Happy Hours are planned throughout the year to introduce students to faculty members within the clinical departments.  These social events are an informal and relaxing way to meet and speak with faculty members regarding academic, clinical and research opportunities within the departments.  These events encourage faculty-student relationships, mentorships and research collaborations.

Getting to Know Your Options

Career luncheons are scheduled at the end of each module during the second year to introduce students to the possible careers within each organ system.  We strongly encourage diverse representations from both the academic and private community physicians reflecting career differences in the related specialty.  The luncheons are open to all students, but if students are not in the second year class, they must contact Student Affairs to reserve a space.

During years three and four, students will experience the core clinical clerkships and electives of their choice.  These clinical experiences will give students a good idea of the culture of a specialty and help them refine their choices.  In addition to the Core Clinical Clerkships, YSM offers a number of electives and sub-internships for students.  Please log into MedHub to see all that is available.

Getting into Residency

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to supporting students in their application to residency.  In June and July of the fourth year, Residency Information Dinners bring students together with department chairs, residency program directors and chief residents to answer questions about the residency application process and life in that specialty.  Students also meet individually with their academic advisors to begin to plan for the match.  In the fall of the fourth year, the Director of Student Programs will schedule practice interviews for all students who want feedback on their interview skills and style.
White Coat Ceremony

White Coat Ceremony

Director of Career Programs

Jill Aulenti