BioSTEPers Talk About Their Experiences

"BioSTEP was an incredible experience. It was extremely educating to have access to the lives and expertise of many Yale physicians and scientists. I was given several opportunities to meet and socialize with many current medical students. I was also given the great opportunity of meeting and forming network ties with students from other universities that shared many of my career and life goals. BioSTEP brought a wonderful blend of academia, research, networking, and most of all fun. Anyone interested in science and curious about scientific research should definitely think about a program like BioSTEP. You won't regret it."

  • Ifeoma Okafor '00, Yale University

"BioSTEP was one of the most fun and educational experiences of my life. The combination of clinical and research experiences was pivotal in guiding my career goals towards obtaining an MD. In my interviews for medical school, my time at Yale frequently is a major topic of interest. Often, the interviewers have some understanding of the quality of the program. Therefore, I feel deeply appreciative of the exquisite opportunities presented not only during that summer, but also the lasting effects of having attended such a comprehensive program in helping me achieve my career goals."

  • Richard Newton '00, Cal State, Long Beach

"My summer at Yale is still one of my most cherished experience when looking back at my undergraduate education. I enjoyed having the opportunity to really get involved that summer with research and medicine and truly strengthening my conviction for a career in medicine. I believe the program is genuinely one of a kind and the best for students to take part in during their summer break."

  • Timothy Barnes '98, Georgia Institute of Technology

"BioSTEP provided me with a wonderful opportunity with a research project that I enjoyed. The lab was great and gave me partial autonomy ... not to mention, I enjoyed my time in New England."

  • Triwana Fisher '99, Xavier University

"I had an extremely positive experience at Yale during the BioSTEP program. After completing the program, I was certain that Yale would be an excellent school to complete my medical training. Not only are the academics of the highest caliber, the students body is amazingly talented and diverse. Each medical student I met during my summer at Yale left a favorable impression on me. Although I will not be attending Yale, I have recommended it to my friends who are applying to medical school."

  • Helen Huarca '98, Mt. Holyoke College

"BioSTEP was a great experience for me. I enjoyed both the chance to do research and to work with such a dynamic group of fellow participants. The friendships and contacts that I made four years ago have lasted through the years. Though I was only a rising sophomore when I came to Yale, I benefited a great deal from the advice and experiences of the upperclassmen in the program and from medical students I met that summer. BioSTEP is a very high quality program that focuses on exposure to biomedical research as well as personal development. I highly recommend this program."

  • Samira Brown '97, Xavier University

"BioSTEP played an important role in my decision to attend graduate school. Through interactions with my mentor and the research that I conducted, I realized the importance and benefits of research, which made me strive to pursue my PhD."

  • Kimberly Fowler '97, Tennesse State University

"The BioSTEP program was truly instrumental in enabling me to be accepted into an MD/PhD program. Through the BioSTEP program, I had the opportunity to conduct research in a laboratory at the forefront of its field. I also was able to gain valuable insight into graduate school and medical school through interacting with both medical school and graduate school mentors provided by the program. The staff and administration were always helpful."

  • Deborah Lee '98, Cal State, Los Angeles

"I felt BioSTEP was a great program that gave me exposure to research as well as clinical medicine. I enjoyed the independence of working on a project and presenting my work at the end of the summer. Also, I felt having a clinical doctor as a preceptor was a great chance for myself to be able to work with patients. I overall recommend this program for those interested in research and clinical medicine."

  • Atoya Adams '96, Yale University