New Haven Bridge to Success Program (NHB2SP)

As a Yale Pathways to Science student, you are invited to apply to the New Haven Bridge to Success Program (NHB2SP). NHB2SP is a six-week residential program for New Haven Public School graduates who will be attending college in Fall 2015. The program targets students who demonstrate ability and interest to pursue science-oriented careers and professions, especially in the medical field.

Goals of NHB2SP

  • To develop your critical thinking skills in approaching and resolving problems across the basic science, social science and humanities disciplines
  • To strengthen your communication and writing skills, particularly as they pertain to the variety of environments you will encounter in medical school
  • To develop your competencies in the self-assessment of your own learning, as well as your short-term and long-term educational/career goals
  • To provide you with the opportunity to interact with individuals at all stages of the medical education pipeline (i.e., pre-med colleagues, medical students, residents, physicians) and specifically with physicians/scientists pursuing various career pathways
  • To develop and nurture the knowledge and skills you will need to apply to medical school.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must currently attend a New Haven Public High School and have participated in a Yale Pathways to Science program.
  • Applicants must have been accepted to a 2- or 4-year college at the time of acceptance to NHB2SP.

Other factors are considered, including whether the applicant:

  • Identifies with a racially/ethnically underrepresented group in medicine/health professions
  • Comes from an economically or educationally disadvantaged background
  • Has demonstrated interest in issues impacting underserved populations
  • Submits a compelling personal statement and strong letters of recommendation

The Curriculum & Program

High expectations and high standards:

NHB2SP students join an academic community in which high standards and expectations are the norm.  Students are consistently challenged to exceed personal expectations and move beyond previous comfort zones of work intensity and commitment.

Small seminars and facilitated study groups: Most teaching and learning occurs in small group settings – seminars, facilitated study groups, and other interactive settings of typically 15 to 18 students. Lectures are presented with emphasis on classroom participation and discussion. All science lectures are complemented by small-group sessions led by teaching assistants. Students learn by identifying various problem-solving strategies and by developing their individual capacity to clearly articulate knowledge and concepts.

Housing and meal plans: Accepted students will receive housing at 367 Cedar Street and a meal plan to a Yale New Haven Hospital cafeteria.

Application Link

Please click here to access the NHB2SP application.

The application deadline is March 13, 2015.


Please call 203-785-7545 or contact