What students say about the Yale System

Those who thrive on comparison and in competition should perhaps consider another institution. Those who prefer collegiality and community could not make a better choice than Yale.

  • Kent Chou, Brigham Young University, YSM '98

Freedom and responsibility are the two reasons why I chose Yale Med over a number of other places. The Yale System allowed me the freedom to create a medical education that would suit my needs and goals in health care. I was able to pursue public health and social policy issues without sacrificing my "grades" (because there are none). I have created a unique fourth year for myself since Yale has no elective requirement. In home, Yale asks me to take responsibility for my medical education, for learning what I need to know to be a competent and compassionate physician. As a future physician, I will always have the responsibility to keep myself up-to-date with the latest in medicine. The Yale System teaches those crucial skills from day one. Freedom and responsibility are hallmarks of the Yale System.

  • Anu Gupta, Brown University, YSM '97

If every prospective medical student could try out the Yale System for a week, there would be no applications filed for any other medical school in the country.

  • Richard Lyn-Cook, Yale University, YSM '98

Having graduated from a rigid undergraduate program, I was hoping to enroll in a medical school with a flexible curriculum. At Yale. I have been able to fully pursue my musical interests without compromising my medical education.

  • Oscar Colegio, University of Texas at Austin, YSM '00

As an older student, it was important for me to structure my own time as far as studying goes. The Yale System really gives its students the flexibility to have study time, to have a bunch of extracurricular interests, and to 'have a life' outside of medicine and being a medical student.

  • Merle Carter, Wellsley College, YSM '98