What students say about research

The field of medicine is moving so rapidly today! To provide the best possible care to patients, whether innovative or "tried and true", it's critical for physicians to be comfortable with research, its triumphs and its limitations. For that reason I think research training is important for medical students. Some people are discouraged from applying here because of the thesis requirement. Truthfully, the thesis is one of the main reasons why I decided to come. It gives students to explore our own interests (no matter how unusual), to learn the analytical skills necessary to be a good doctor, and to become a kind of specialist in an area that we enjoy. Few other schools give its students those opportunities.

  • Merle Carter, Wellsley College, YSM '98

My experience working towards a joint M.D./Ph.D. degree has been outstanding. The program has helped me gain a special perspective on medical care by combining my preparation on the molecular basis of diseases with compassion in the treatment of patients. Excellent mentorship from clinical and research faculty and the supportive environment at Yale fosters critical thinking and self-reliance. This diversity of experiences in my research and clinical endeavors continues to be immensely gratifying.

  • Nataki Douglas, Cornell University, YSM ''2000