What students say about New Haven

We have a great arts community that often feeds into, or stems from, New York City. The Shubert, the Palace, and the Yale Repertory from the theater and dance component, the British Art Gallery, the Yale Art Gallery, the Creative Arts Workshop and many other smaller galleries make up the visual arts component, and the Neighborhood Music School, Woolsey Hall and many choral groups round out the triangle with the musical part.

We have a diversity of restaurants and excellent pizza. Within a few blocks of the medical school or downtown, one can dine on Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Vegetarian foods, not to mention greasy spoon luncheonettes and typical steak houses.

We have a small enough city that everyone and anyone can become involved if they so desire. Students can join community governance boards, Mayoral commissions, development projects or they can even run for various low level political offices. They can create community projects and go to town meetings and generally make a difference in the city in which they now live. Can you really say that is true about a place like New York?

The neighborhoods do have their problems and the level of poverty is high, but most of the residents take pride in their neighborhoods and celebrations in these areas are always more fun and free spirited than one would ever guess. New Haven has many good things that can be found if one steps off the Yale campus and looks for them.

  • Alison Days, Brown University, YSM '97

New Haven is a small city with its share of big inner city problems, and with that comes an incredible array of medical, psychological, and social issues that we as medical students are faced with and learn to handle every single day.

Yale couldn't be a better place for clinical training. Our clerkships and elective rotations take us from our major medical and research centers, to community based hospitals and clinics, to homeless shelters and neighborhood health-care vans - all within the same week, often within the same day! I can't imagine a better collection of experiences for doctors in training that what is available at Yale for its students.

  • Merle Carter, Wellsley College, YSM ''98