About Us

The Office of Multicultural Affairs works to increase the school's sensitivity to minority concerns and issues in medical education and practice. The specific aims of our mission are:
  • To strengthen the diversity of the medical school community by recruiting and supporting the admission of students from ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • To promote a standard of tolerance and responsible self-conduct among all students and faculty that reflects the highest standards of the medical profession in caring for all patients, irrespective of ethnicity, culture, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.
  • To support the academic and professional development progression of minority students during medical school to ensure individual growth and development appropriate to chosen career goals.
  • To support groups and organizations whose interests and goals are consistent with those of the OMCA.
  • To provide means and supports for ensuring that medical students are trained in a culturally sensitive and competent manner.
  • To promote and support the advancement of minorities through faculty ranks at Yale School of Medicine.
  • To implement programs and support activities that encourage the entry of minority students into health and science careers at all stages of their academic development.

In support of its mission, the OMCA administers programs and activities supported by University, governmental and foundation resources.