Yale Graduate & Professional International Loan

Yale University has made the Yale Graduate & Professional International Loan available to students who are not U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents. The financial aid office administers these loans.

  • Interest will accrue on this loan while you are in school. The interest will be capitalized when you are no longer a full time student or you have graduated. The interest will capitalize after periods of forbearance and or deferments.
  • This is a need-based program, and you cannot borrow more than the difference between the cost of attendance and all forms of financial aid, including any Scholarship from within or outside of Yale.

Terms and Conditions

  • Interest rate is 7.75%
  • You will be responsible for all interest accrued on this loan from the date of disbursement. Your repayment will begin six months after graduation or withdrawal from school, at which time you must begin to repay the loan
  • A loan origination fee of 5 percent will be deducted from the amount requested.
  • You must attend entrance and exit interviews in the Student Loan Office and complete the necessary forms, including promissory note, before the loan will be disbursed.

If you are awarded at Yale Graduate & Professional International Loan, your promissory note will be generated after you have accepted your financial aid award and returned the forms requested in your original financial aid package.