Loan Information

There are many types of loans used at the Yale School of Medicine to help students fund their educations, including The Federal Direct Loan Unsubsidized, Graduate Plus Loans, Yale Alumni Loan (MD students only), Perkins Loan, and Private Lender Loans.

The Federal Direct  Loans, Federal Graduate Plus Loans and Private Lender Loans require a Master Promissory note from the Department of Education. The Perkins Loan, Loans for Disadvantaged Students, and Yale Loans require a signed promissory note. Yale will provide promissory notes to any student who has received one of these loans after the financial aid award.

Types of Federal Loans  & Yale Loans

Private Loan Lenders

For those students who need additional funds to support their educational costs, there are Private Lender Loans available, please visit the Elm Select Alternative Loan List.