How to Apply for Financial Aid: International Students

Helpful Checklist

All applicants and returning students planning to attend Yale School of Medicine during the 2014-2015 academic year should complete the 2014-2015 application. To apply for aid, you must submit the following items:

1. Yale School of Medicine Application for Financial Aid

All incoming and returning students applying for financial assistance must complete the 2014-2015 application form, which is available on our website. You may fill it out on line and send it to us electronically.
Yale School of Medicine Application for Financial Aid

Once you have completed the financial aid application, you must fill out a Certification of Information form. You can send it to us as an email attachment, fax it to (203) 785-2924, or mail it to: Yale School of Medicine, Financial Aid Office, 367 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT 06510, USA.
Certification of Information Form

2. Need Access Application

If you want to be considered for Yale School of Medicine funds (Yale Scholarship and the Yale Alumni Loan), you must complete a Need Access Application. The Need Access Application must include your parents’ financial information along with your own income and assets. If you are married, you must include your spouse's income and asset information. If you are planning to be married during the 2014-2015 academic year, you must also provide your finances information. If your parents are divorced or separated, your custodial parent must complete the Need Access Application. The custodial parents will remain the same each year.
Need Access Application Information

3. CSS International Application

International students must complete the CSS International Application. You may send the completed form to the financial aid office as an email attachment, or you can mail it to: Yale School of Medicine Financial Aid Office, 367 Cedar Street, New Haven, CT 06510.
International Student Financial Aid Application

4. 2014-2015 Verification of Income Information for 2013

School policy requires all applicants to provide income documentation. Even if you are only completing a CSS Interntional form, you must provide income information.

a. 2013 Tax Returns Submit signed and translated copies of your parents’ 2012 tax returns. If your parents do not file a tax return, you should submit documentation of their income.  If your parents file separately, we require both returns.

b. 2014-2015 Student Non-Tax Filing Statement If you are not required to file a 2013 income tax return, you must complete the Student Non-Tax Filing Statement along with income documentation.
Student Non-Tax Filing Statement

c. Parent Non-Tax Filing Statement If your parents are not required to file a 2013 income tax return, they must complete the Parent Non-Tax Filing Statement along with income documentation.
Parent Non-Tax Filing Statement

d. 2014-2015 International Business Supplement If your parent(s) do not live in the United States and have not or will not file a federal income tax return, or if your parents are not US citizens or permanent residents and not required to file a federal tax return and have a business that is not in the United States, you must complete the International Business Supplement.
International Business Supplement

5. Request to disclose financial aid information

All information in your financial aid file is considered confidential. If you want us to discuss any portion of your financial aid award with your parents, or if your parents want to allow us to discuss their financial situation with you, we need permission. A signed Statement of Disclosure form must be provided if you are giving this permission. If you do not sign this form, the details of your financial file will be kept confidential.
Request to Disclose Financial Aid Information