Philip E Rubin PhD

Professor (Adjunct) of Surgery (Otolaryngology)

Departments & Organizations

Program for Biomedical EthicsSurgery


  • Ph.D., University of Connecticut, 1975

Selected Publications

  • Rubin, Philip and Sieber, Joan E.. Editorial – Empirical Research on IRBs and Methodologies Usually Associated with Minimal Risk . Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, Dec., Vol. 1, Issue 4, 1-4. . 2006.
  • Rubin, Hogden, J., McDermott, E., Katagiri, S., & Goldstein, L.. Inverting mappings from smooth paths through Rn to paths through Rm: A technique applied to recovering articulation from acoustics . Speech Communication, May, Volume 49, Issue 5, 361-383. 2007.
  • Rubin, Goldstein, L. Speech: Dances of the Vocal Tract. Odyssey Magazine, Jan., 14-15. 2007.


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