Student Support & Opportunities


The faculty, staff and administration of the Yale School of Medicine are committed to ensuring that our students have a fulfilling, productive and successful time while they are here, and we are prepared to provide whatever personal, professional and academic guidance is needed.

Student Support

Students Helping Students

Learning how to study and what material to focus on is a skill every Yale medical student must master. The knowledge and experience of students who have recently completed the first-year curriculum (second-year students) can prove invaluable to first-year students.

Students Helping Students, established in 2001 and administered by the Office of Education, is the program that oversees second-year students who work with first-year students. Through review, study techniques and problem sets, second-year students help first-year students navigate the science curriculum and manage their time. They run problem-solving sessions using first-hand experience and knowledge, and stress group learning as key to success in the Yale System. Sessions are conducted throughout the year and focus on the whole first-year curriculum.

Additional Student Support Services

Teaching Assistant Opportunities

Teaching Assistant Opportunities are available by contacting the relevant course director.