Students participate in the diagnosis and management of fetuses, children, and adults with genetic disorders or who are at risk for genetic disorders. Patients will be assigned to students for counseling, diagnostic evaluation, and for presentation at conferences. A laboratory experience in one of our Genetics Laboratories (Cytogenetics, Biochemical, and Molecular Laboratories) will be arranged according to the interest of the student. Twenty hours per week. General Genetics (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday); Cardiac Genetics Clinic, Cancer Genetics Clinic, Inpatient Consultation Service; Tuesday Journal Club and Genetics Clinical Rounds.

Length of Rotation: 2 or 4 weeks (maximum-2 students)

Scheduling Restriction: N/A

Student's Class Level: 3rd, 4th, 5th year

Prerequisite: 12/23/2015-01/04/2016

Accept Visiting Students: yes - departmental approval

  1. History skills: Gather the important information that is needed to obtain a useful genetic history that includes recognition of single gene disorders causing specific phenotypes, congenital malformations and mental retardation, and disorders of intermediary metabolism involving cardinal symptoms of inborn errors.
  2. Physical examination skills: Complete a physical exam resulting in recognition of the same criteria as History Skills.
  3. Knowledge/diagnostic and treatment skills: Demonstrate skills regarding Congenital malformations and mental retardation, predictive screening for genetic disease, recognition of single gene disorders causing specific phenotypes, disorders of intermediary metabolism, genes and disease, and use of genetic testing.
  4. Procedural skills: demonstrate skills in management of genetic disease such as predictive screening for genetic disease, treatment of genetic disease and use of genetic resources.
  5. Attitude: Demonstrate professional responsibility in working as a team member with other members of the care team, patients and families. The student should exhibit sensitivity to the use of genetic information.
  6. Career/context: Know the training/career pathway for Medical Genetics.