EL Frontiers in Medicine Immunology/Inflammation & Circulation/Vascular Biology Electives

Elective Directors:               Dr. George Lister / Dr. Lloyd Cantley

Email:                                   tanial.lowe@yale.edu

Report to Location:              TBD

Length of Rotation:              2 weeks (maximum-15 students, two weeks will focus on Immunology/Inflammation, and 
                                             the other two weeks will focus on Circulation/Vascular Biology)

Scheduling Restriction(s):   TBD

Student’s Class Level:         4th, 5tyear 
                                            *MD/PhD students must complete the research period prior to enrolling in Frontiers 
                                            in Medicine Electives.

Prerequisite(s):                  N/A

Accept Visiting Students:   No 

Frontiers in Medicine is designed to revisit the foundation of disease pathogenesis to show how discoveries in basic science are informing contemporary clinical medicine and how the synergy between the bench and the bedside are guiding the research that will yield improved diagnostics and therapeutics in the future. The elective will include lecture-seminar format with case-based discussions and direct patient contact in order to review current understanding of diseases with fundamental disturbances in cardio-circulatory and/or immunologic function. Students will interview patients with disease processes representative of the field, and guided by faculty preceptors will read state-of-the-art background materials, present to the seminar group the important findings of the patients they see, and propose research strategies to study unresolved issues in disease pathogenesis and management. This format is intended to stimulate curiosity, inquiry, and discussion by exposing the features of disease and treatment where there are major gaps that could drive research and offer opportunity for advancing the field.