Office of Education

Educational Objective

The educational objective of the School of Medicine is to develop physicians who are highly competent and compassionate practitioners of the medical arts, schooled in the current state of knowledge of both medical biology and patient care. It is our belief that Yale-trained physicians will establish a lifelong practice of learning the medical, behavioral, and social sciences by independent study. Our aim is to produce physicians who will be among the leaders in their chosen field, whether it be in the basic medical sciences, academic clinical medicine, or medical practice in the community. Our confidence in the maturity and responsibility of our students is exemplified by the existence of a flexible program, through anonymous examinations, the elimination of grades in pre-clinical courses and the encouragement of independent study and research.

Curricular Leadership 

Clinical Skills

  • Director of Preclinical Clerkship & Director of Clinical Skills Program, Margaret Bia, MD, Professor Internal Medicine Nephrology
  • Director of Primary Care Clerkship, Peter Ellis, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Director of End of Life Care Training, Matthew Ellman, MD, Associate Professor Internal Medicine General Medicine
  • Director of Communication Skills, Auguste Fortin, VI, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine
  • Director of Physical Examination Skills, Jaideep Talwalkar, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine

Administrative Staff

  • Susan Larkin, Associate Director, Office of Education and Project Manager of Curriculum Rebuild
  • Leigh Cromey, Program Coordinator of Courses and Modules
  • Tanial Lowe, Manager, Clinical Education Programs
  • Barbara Hildebrand, Manager, Preclinical Clerkship and Standardized Patient Education Program
  • Kathleen Castellon, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Barbara Frank, Administrative Assistant
  • Lisa Egan, Senior Administrative Assistant for Curriculum Rebuild Project
  • John Genest, Primary Care Clerkship Administrator, Senior Administrative Assistant - Offices of Education and Multicultural Affairs