Tips & Advice

  • Use your full legal name in the application and on all supporting materials.
  • To avoid confusion when processing your application, be sure that your full legal name and your AAMC ID are on all documents sent to the Admissions Office.
  • To make sure your activities and employment or research positions are clearly stated, please use actual dates, even if projected into the future. Do not say that an activity occurred from a particular date "to the present" or "to current," as your application will be read multiple times over the course of the admissions season, and "present" or "current" will be misleading.
  • Please enter years as four-digit numbers (e.g., 2014).
  • If you plan to take a future MCAT exam, do not wait to get the results before submitting your Yale Supplemental Application. We will wait to process your application until your new score arrives, but it is helpful to receive your application as soon as you are ready to submit it.
  • When you are invited to work on the Yale Supplemental Application, an email will be sent to you with your user ID and password. Save this email for future reference.
  • Keep your email address up to date with AMCAS. All correspondence and interview invitations are sent by email.