Call Responsibilities

On April 3, 2008, we held our first Nuclear Medicine section annual oral examination for our resident's and fellows with a panel of 4 faculty members. Topics tested included general nuclear medicine, nuclear cardiology, PET/CT, and basic science.

Each resident and fellow share the on-call responsibilities in an equal and fair manner. The chief resident will make up the monthly rotation as well as the on-call schedule. Although the coverage includes both the YNHH and the VA facility, most of the studies are requested at the YNHH, which has teleradiology capabilities. Appropriate softwares are available to enable a laptop or a home computer.

Yale is unique in that all YNHH on-call studies are read with the on-call attending. In order to preserve the learning experience, each resident is to screen and approve each study and is encouraged to give a preliminary report prior to notifying the on-call attending after the study is completed, and discuss the case with our on-call resident. Each resident is required to come in for the on-call studies for at least a 2 week period until he or she learns the logistics of how an on-call study is completed. The basic on-call studies include: GI bleeding scan, V/Q lung scans, and HIDA scans.