• Tweed Airport, New Haven, CT
    Serviced by: US Air
    Travel Time to YNNH: Approx 10 minutes.
    Taxi and car rentals are available.
  • Bradley Airport, Windsor Locks, CT
    Serviced by: All Major Airlines
    Travel time to YNNH: Approx 60 minutes.
    Car rentals are available.
  • New York Airports (LaGuardia and JFK)
    Serviced by: All Major Airlines including Jet Blue and Air Tran
    Travel Time to YNNH: Varies, approx 2 hours.

Note: There are many methods of traveling to New Haven after arriving at a New York City airport. The New York Airport Service Shuttle is available to Grand Central Station, where you can connect to the Metro North Railroad to travel to New Haven. Caution: when viewing schedules on the Metro North website, please make sure you choose New Haven as your destination NOT New Haven-State Street.

You may also take a shuttle from a New York airport to Penn Station and connect to an Amtrak train to New Haven. Amtrak trains are more expensive than Metro North. Unless you have a USA Rail pass, it is not recommended that you travel via Amtrak.

Connecticut Limo, 1-800-437-LIMO, also provides shuttle services from New York Airports to New Haven. Please allow for three hours of travel time when using Connecticut Limo.

For additional information on transportation and airport shuttle services in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York, visit the Airport Shuttle Network website.